DEC False Eyelashes: A Lash for Every Occasion

As you may have guessed by now, we LOVE false eyelashes. So, we designed a lash for every occasion. In this blog, I’m going to walk through all of our lash styles and the occasions they shine the most. 

The Hopeless Romantic Lashes

Want to look like your wearing no lashes? The Hopeless Romantic is the lash for you. They’re perfect for a day at the beach with sunglasses or day-to-day work lashes that find behind your glasses.

The Lady Boss Falsies

lady boss eyelashes

Wispier with a shorter band, the Lady Boss lashes. The shorter band makes these lashes easy to wear long-term. A great every day look for rounded eye shape. 

The Hot Mess Lashes

hot mess eyelashes

Great for a night out, the Hot Mess has a bit more length.

The Tease Please Lashes

tease please eyelashes

The Tease Please is a longer lash for an everyday pair of false eyelashes. This look is a bit thinner and is perfect for a software look. 

The Bar Star Lashes

bar star eyelashes

The Bar Star is perfect for almond or Asian eyes. They add a lot of lift and brightness to your eye. This bold look can be dressed up and dressed down. 

The Princess Lashes

princess eyelashes

Another lash that is perfect for almond eyes is the Princess. This is a bolder lash for people looking to make a statement with their lashes. 

The Queen Bee lashes

queen bee eyelashes

The Queen Bee is THE lash for bold looks and photoshoots. Whether you want to be bold daily or for your next photoshoot, these lashes are your best fit. 

The Dirty Flirt lashes

dirty flirt eyelashes

The Dirty Flirt is great as a natural lash. They're like the hopeless romantic except 3D (and a little tapered).

The Maneater Lashes

the maneater eyelashes

The Maneater lashes are very 3D and fluffy. AMAZING as a natural lash on a rounder eye or for people with a lot of space between their lashline and their brow.

There is a lash for any occasion. Need help with selecting your best fit? Tag us in your Instagram selfies at @dollareyelashclub for a lash recommendation. While you’re at it, follow us on Facebook and Youtube @dollareyelashclub. 

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