Battle of the Primers


Today we are here with Jessica and she is going to be giving us a rundown on 2 of the newest, hottest crazes in makeup primers.

One is the Too Faced Hangover replenishing primer, the other is the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

The first difference in these 2 primers is the obvious price difference. The least expensive of the two is the Too Faced Primer, a 20ml bottle that costs around $18.00. The Hourglass Primer comes in a 30ml bottle and costs about $63.00, about double the price per volume. That being said, let’s see how these 2 products compare for all-day wear!

Comparing the Primers

To show you the difference, Jessica is going to apply both products, one on each half of her face. After that she’s going to use a bit of Jane Iredale BB cream mineral foundation. At the end of the experiment, she is going to compare the makeup to see which product holds up better for all day wear.

The Hourglass primer is definitely a great product. When you apply it to your skin, you can immediately feel a difference. This primer leaves skin feeling very silky and smooth.

The Too Faced Primer also goes on pretty silky, but it doesn’t feel immediately quite as effective as the first product for smoothing skin.

PRIMER PRO TIP: Primer give your makeup something to stick to so you’ll get longer lasting coverage. It also helps to absorb any light oils from your face so you’ll have to reapply less throughout the day.

Although Jessica doesn’t put on BB cream underneath her bangs, she still applies primer there to help absorb some of the oils her skin will produce during the day.

Next, she is going to apply her Jane Iredale BB Cream.

Using the same fingers that she used to apply the Too Faced primer, she applies the BB cream to the first half of her face.

Next, using the fingers that she used to apply the Hourglass primer, she applies the BB cream to the other half of her face.

With the 2 products applied, you can’t really tell any difference. Jessica is going to check back around end of the day and show you how her makeup has held up.

The End of Day Check-In

Both Primers are held up very nicely. Jessica didn’t need had to re apply any powder. She noticed that her nose was starting to look a bit oily, but both sides of her nose were affected in the same way.

She asked a few people which side they thought looked shinier, and after a lot of deliberation, they all decided that the side with the Too Faced primer looked a tiny bit more oily.

So while the Hourglass is a bit better at blocking oil, the difference isn’t really all that visible. Whether or not the Hourglass primer is worth the high price compared to the better value of the Too Faced primer is yet to be determined.

The final verdict? It’s a toss up.

While the Hourglass is more expensive, and works very well, the Too Faced primer is also a great product. That being said, Jessica used about half the amount of the product of the Hourglass Primer as she did of the Hangover, so each each bottle probably works out to a similar number of uses per bottle Jessica’s vote is for the Hourglass primer. However, because the Too Faced primer is so reasonably priced (and still a great product) the decision pretty much comes down to your price range.

Have you tried these products? Which product do you think is better? Leave us some feedback in the section below with your thoughts or comments and don’t forget to like and subscribe @dollareyelashclub, and stay tuned for a new YouTube video every week.

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