Back to School Beauty

At the end of this month, students will be back in school! So crazy to think that summer is almost over- it seems as it’s only just begun.

Here at DEC, we love beauty hacks because they are not only interesting, but they make our beauty regimen easy and fast. For students, a quick beauty routine is essential to success. With your busy life of studying, classes and extracurriculars, you need to free up more time anywhere you can. So here are some hacks to help you- 

Water is your best friend

We’ve said it before and we will say it a million more times, DRINK MORE WATER! Water is essential for your body to operate properly. Water intake can help with physical performance and metabolism as well as weight loss. But mentally it can do even more! From energy and focus to regulating your mood, proper intake water can help your body reach its peak performance.

For most adults, 8-10 cups of water, a day is optimal. However, everyone lives a different life and there may be other factors that play into how much water you should drink. Because I’m on my feet most of the day at the salon, I shoot for 10-12 cups. This is as opposed to someone more sedentary who could get away with 8 cups a day. Take into consideration how active you are and increase or decrease your intake as necessary.

Buttery Soft Feet- Minimal Effort

An easily looked over beauty task is our feet. However, you could take care of those rough soles while you snooze. This hack is super simple and requires absolutely minimal effort- perfect!

Before bed, you can apply a deep moisturizer lotion on your feet, then put on some warm socks. This will lock in that moisture and when you remove your socks in the morning, you’ll have those lovely soft feet. Little effort - beautiful reward!

Cool Down Those Bags

Ice is great for lowering inflammation. For those pesky puffy under eyes, just apply ice and watch them disappear! 

You can apply ice in a number of ways. Just plain ice is obviously the first choice, but there are tons of masks you can out in the freezer to help as well. Whichever you choose to do, you can either apply the mask or ice after your nighttime routine as you wind down for bed- or my personal favorite, in the morning when you wake up. I love doing it in the morning because not only does it make my face look refreshed and bright- it wakes me up FAST! 

Lazy Girl Hair Hack

This one is quite possibly our favorite beauty hack! When you get a shower at night, let your hair dry until it is still damp. Then with your hair mildly damp, you can actually prep your hair the night before. By putting your hair up in braids or rolls, you can shape our hair for the next day. 

We love the wavy, windswept looks that can come from this overnight hair method. Try both rolls and braiding to see which method works best with your hair. And, if your hair needs a little ‘something’ to hold all day you can work some of nvenn's 'texture' paste.

Simple Makeup for Big Results

Up all night cramming for that test? This super-easy makeup look will open your eyes and give you less of I ‘I haven't slept’ look.

Let's start by thickening your lashes to make your eyes appear more full. Applying eyeliner to your upper lash line can create thicker-looking lashes and the illusion of bolder eyes.

A set of lashes gives instantly bigger, more awake eyes. So, after making the base of your lashes look thicker, heighten the look even more by adding a pair of lashes! We recommend our 'Hopeless Romantic' lashes for a day of classes and they can easily move into a night look too! 

Blush can also help balance your face and bring some color if you look flush from being sleepy. Be sure to take your skin undertones into consideration and choose a shade that makes your face look brighter and more full.

And there you have it! A few tips to help you look beautiful this semester with very little worry! Good luck in classes and don't forget to Live. Lash. Love XOXO

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