9 Killer Lip Trends You Need to Try this Fall

9 Killer Lip Trends You Need to Try this Fall


No matter what time of year it is, we can never get enough lipstick.  Whether you’re looking for your go-to look for fall or just want a few more shades in your makeup bag, this blog will give you plenty of inspiration.

Here are 9 killer fall lip trends you’ll want to try this fall (and maybe winter).


1.Dark Glossy Lips

9 fall lip trends dark gloss

This fall you cannot go wrong with dark shades. Dark lips are mysterious and intriguing. Dark lips exude a quality of exotic mysticism. Add a gloss finish for a stunning look that will have them asking “Who is She?”


2.Matte Nude Lip Stain

9 fall lip trends matte nude

Nude lip stains are a beauty standard. They are classy, chic, and very refined. Matte skintone shades are a go-to for everyday wear this fall, and don’t really ever seem to go out of style .


3. Earthtone Shades

9 fall lip trends earthtone metallic

Witchy makeup is expected to be a huge trend for the month of "#octoberween". Needless to say, every glam sorceress loves her dark olive, brown and copper colors. In semi-gloss or metallic finishes you’re sure to cast a spell on all of your admirers. Add an extra hint of magic with a fine glitter.


4.High Contrast Orange-Red Combinations

9 fall lip trends hi contrast lips

Bold Red Lips are a hallmark of every classic “it girl”.  They add a splash of color and radiate excitement. Applying an almost neon shade to the top lip and a cherry red to the bottom, then finishing both lips with a complementary colored gloss will give your look a pop of excitement this fall.


5.Mulled Wine Shades

9 fall lip trends mulled wine

Don’t want too much brightness but still want to accentuate your pouty lips? Wine shades will add a touch of life into your lips this fall, paired with a light foundation and dark contour, this maudlin look might stay hip well into winter

Try applying a little bit of makeup remover  to the center of your lips to give this look even more dimension.


6. Think Pink

9 fall lip trends baby pink gloss

Baby pink and muted rose shades are absolutely a must for girls who like a cute innocent makeup look, they lend a youthful quality and are also easy to coordinate with pastel colored clothes. Think “pastel goth”.


7. Burgundy and Berry

9 fall lip trends burgundy berry

Deep burgundy and raspberry shades are a must for that 3rd date. If you want to accentuate your sensuality, go for one of these shades. Pair it with a sultry smokey eye to send the message that you want to take your relationship to the next level.


8. Cream and Caramel

9 fall lip trends cream caramel

Creamy caramel shades are a go to for some of the hottest icons this fall, from Kim K to Amber Rose, a lot of Hollywoods biggest beauty influencers have been spotted sporting these sweet dulcet shades.


9. Vibrant Violet

9 fall lip trends vibrant violet

Bright near-neon violet lip shades are great for catching eyes, they are unexpected and are sure to make your onlookers do a double take. Ultra violet lips will let them know you’re not average, and should expect the unexpected.

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