8 Lazy Day Outfits Everyone Needs in Their Closet

Getting up on a Monday morning just to realize that you don’t have any clothes ready with only 15 minutes left to reach the office can be a very nerve wrecking experience. Therefore, we have come to your rescue by presenting you 8 lazy day outfits that every girl should have in her closet for times like these:

Denim Overalls

denim overallsDenim overalls provide a much-needed break from dress pants that take hours of ironing, as well as the skinny jeans which are nothing but a real pain in summers. Denim overalls are easily paired with t-shirts of any color and look chic with little or no effort.

White Shirt and Denim Jacket

white shirt denim jacketOne honestly can never go wrong with a white button down shirts when paired with a denim jacket or denim pants- they are literally evergreen so grab one from the nearest store if you don’t yet have one.

Shirt Dresses

shirt dressYou can never miss out on shirt dresses when talking lazy. They are an essential part of every lazy girl wardrobe cause why not? Who doesn’t like going out in one piece without caring about the bottoms!

Oversized Sweaters

oversize sweatshirt Oversized sweaters are a great winter staple. They are not only cozy, instead are comfortable as a lover’s embrace. You can pair them up with long knee high boots alone if you don’t feel like wearing skin tight jeans, which as a matter of fact we most often don’t.

Active Wear

active wear‘Athleisure’ is a thing now only because more and more girls are now opting for gym wear on their lazy days. This style is chic and comfy as hell! So make sure you have these as a part of your lazy day outfit collection or else you will be missing out on the most amazing feeling of slipping in into the soft fabric of loose t-shirts and tights.

 Maxi Skirts 

maxi skirtIf it were up to me trust me I would honestly have a clothing line out by now for all our lazy days. Anyhow, maxi skirts are my summer favorite. Every year I make sure I have one of these light weight skirts in my wardrobe that I can pair with plain crop tops on days when I have literally 0 percent energy to invest in pairing up pants and jackets. So, the next time you go shopping, make sure that you do buy a skirt for yourself because the feeling of having a fabric covering your skin while it feels like it isn’t even there is heavenly.

Keep being lazy and looking beautiful!

Lots of love

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