8 Holiday Makeup Looks You Have to Try

November marks the beginning of the holiday season, which means festive parties with friends, family, and co-workers. With all the parties, you need several looks. Your makeup looks are the easiest way to dress up your outfits this holiday season.
You do not need to be an expert at makeup to complete fun, and flirty party looks. Keep things sweet and simple, and keep your spirits high during the busy festive season. The holiday party season allows you to have fun with your makeup and experiment with a different eye and lip color. Here are eight of our favorite holiday makeup looks you have to try.


1. Champagne & Rose Gold

Red or rose gold-toned eyeshadow palettes are the hottest colors for the holiday season. These colors make your eyes stand out and give warmth to your skin. This is a super cute festive look for your holiday parties.
rose gold

2. Glitter Everything

Add a dab of glitter primer and apply it to your eyelid to give your eyes sparkle and pop. Adding a hint of glitter on the lid and inner corners give you a chic festive look. Also, don’t forget the lips, press loose glitter onto your lip color, and your lips will sparkle.
glitter everything

3. Shiny Metallic

Metallic eye shadow is a stylish way to enhance your makeup this holiday party season. Mix your metals for a vibrant bright eye look. Apply a gold metallic on the entire lid and inner corners, then line the eye with a metallic copper eyeliner.

4. Holiday Glow

You can do some warmer toned holiday glam for your festivities. Use a highlighter to ramp up your natural features on your cheekbones and a bronzer on your eyes, cheeks, and lips to complete the holiday glow look.
glowing skin

4. Silver Bells

Get into the festive season with silver accents. Silver eyeshadow will make the whites of your eyes pop and looks modern and fresh. Add silver eyeshadow as a smokey eye to your lid, and apply a glitter eyeliner to complete the look.
holiday eye shadow

5. Pretty Greens

Take the plunge with beautiful, emerald green eyes. A smokey green eye will definitely stand out this holiday season, and the holidays are the perfect time to try this lookout. Let your eyes do all the talking at your next festive party with this trendy makeup look.
green eyeshadow

6. Bold Lip & Brows

Let your natural skin tone shine by creating a beautiful but bold look by highlighting your brows and using a bright and fun color on your lips this holiday season.
bold lip color

8. Crimson Blast

Step up your holiday look with red eyes and lips. Red eyeshadow is best when worn with winged eyeliner. Wrap the eyeshadow around the bottom lid to give your eyes a red halo look. Let your eyes and lips be the center of attention during your festivities.
eye shadow and lipstick

Final Thoughts

Any of these eight-holiday makeup looks will help you stand out during the festive season and make an impression, but with each makeup look, remember to highlight your eyelashes, or add volume to your lashes from lashes at Dollar Eyelash Club. Be sure to come back every Friday for a new blog! Until then - Live, Lash, Love!

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