6 Lash Looks from Natural to Glam

Whether you’re a fan of bold, ultra-glam makeup looks, or you prefer the more toned down, natural makeup, it's no doubt that voluminous false lashes will complete any makeup look.

We’ve rounded up six amazing lash looks from @vanyxvanja on instagram to give you some inspiration and help keep your lash game on point all season long. 


smokey eye

This beautiful look features a smokey eye, with big bold lashes. It’s a classic yet stunning look that can be worn from day to evening.


nude eyeshadow

This next look is such a simple classic. Nude shadows, with a dark liner. Beautiful lashes and brow once again on point! This is a quick and easy, everyday look, that only takes about 10 minutes to pull off.


bronze metallic

This next look really brings out hazel and brown eyes. This warm look is a great look for evening outings. Bronze metallic shadows, subtle highlights, perfect brows and full lashes make this a sultry and fashionable look.


emerald and gold eyeshadow

Vanessa really changed things up with this look. Perfect winged liner, with highlights of subtle gold undertones in the shadow with gold in the crease, and beautiful voluminous lashes.The high arched brow really takes this look over the top.


cut crease

This next stunning look takes it a step further. We always love a good cut crease, and this look is perfectly executed. The pink shadow sets it off, and as always, eyebrows on fleek.


full volume lashes
This final look is just amazing! This variation on the classic sunset look is to-die-for. Eyebrows filled and shaped perfectly, and those lashes though? Out of this world.


No matter if you go full glam or are partial to the “au naturale” look these ideas should help you to keep your look at its absolute best going into the new year. Big shout out to @vanyxvanja. We LOVE her style. Don’t forget to check out her other work on instagram.

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Which makeup style do you prefer? Leave us a comment in the section below.

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