6 Flawless Skin Secrets You Need to Know

We’re all on the pursuit of perfect skin.  No matter what age, ethnicity, or background- everyone wants to get their hands on a few flawless skin secrets.  That’s where we come in.  Check out our 6 clear skin secrets and add a few to your beauty routine.

1. Don’t Skip Out on Exfoliation

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times.  But there’s a good reason for that!  Exfoliation is hands down one of the most important steps of skin care.  Try to exfoliate at least once a week, otherwise, you may just be moisturizing dead skin.  Or worse- letting it build up.

Snag a pair of exfoliating gloves to use with your favorite product or on their own! Trust us, your skin is going to love it.

2. Tone Before You Moisturize

You’d be surprised just how many people have no idea what a toner is.  Worse yet, they have no idea how to use it.  Getting a good toner and using it correctly is the key to clear skin.  After you’ve washed your face, use your toner before applying your moisturizer.  Look for a product that will remove any pesky impurities and help to balance the PH of your skin.

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3. Don’t Jump from Product to Product

You’re never going to see any results if you try a new product every week.  Much like dieting, skin needs an adjustment period to respond to a skin care habit.  Ideally, you should try to stick to the same routine for at least 3 months.  If you simply can’t commit to that, try to stick it out for 30 days before dismissing a product line.

4. Don’t Forget that Beauty Sleep is Real

Your skin rejuvenates itself and rebalances while you sleep at night.  Ask any dermatologist, cosmetologist, or mother and they’ll all agree:  When you get better sleep, your skin looks better.  You won’t need to cover those dark circles if you’re getting enough sleep at night.

5. Don’t Use Oil Oil-Removing Cleansers on Dehydrated Skin

Believe it or not, dehydrated skin actually presents as oily skin.  That being said, many people make the mistake of thinking they need to use an oil-removing cleanser. The result?  Even more oil.  What your skin is actually asking for is moisture.  Drink plenty of water and use a moisturizer.  You’ll be shocked at how quickly your skin balances out.

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6. Never Leave Makeup On Overnight.  Seriously.

We’ve all been guilty of this.  However, we’re doing serious harm to our skin when we forget to take makeup off before going to bed.  Consider your make up a workout for your skin.  After wearing it all day, your skin is sweaty and tired.  Once you sleep on that, you can add clogged to the slew of problems.  So even if you think you’re too tired to pull yourself off the couch, take that makeup off!

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At the end of the day, flawless skin secrets are nothing without a commitment.  The more you put these clear skin secrets into practice, the better your skin will look and feel.   Do you have any clear skin secrets you’re willing to share?  Tell us in the comments! :)

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