6 Fall Makeup Trends You Need to Try

With summer coming to an end, it’s time to get hyped for fall!  Not only does this mean the temperature is about to drop, it means it’s time to bust out fall colors and dive into beautiful fall makeup looks.  Let us know your favorite in the comments ;)

#1 Sundown Eyes

Peter White
Image Source: Peter White

With spring bolstering in the trend of sunset eyes, fall promises to put that trend on its head.  With sunset eyes posting vibrant colors like pink, yellow, and orange- sundown eyes boast rich reds, rusts, and hues of mauve and purple.  

#2 Sharp Metallics

Image Source: Pietro D'Aprano


Over the years, the runway has seen a lot of metallics coming in and out of fashion.  To every 90s girl's delight, this fall promises to showcase metallic liners and accents. 

#3 Two-Toned Eyes

Image Source: Antonello Trio

To those who love a splash of color, you'll be happy to know that two-toned eyes are sticking around for fall.  The options are endless!  Simply choose two contrasting colors to create a pop of color that's as edgy or delicate

#4 Vampire Lips

Image Source: Andrea Adriani

One fall makeup trend that never dies (and for good reason) is vampire lips. Often known as the classic red lip's cousin, this look boasts dark ruby hues.

#5 Exaggerated Lashes

As you may have guessed, we're absolutely adoring the attention that's being put on lashes this fall.  Whether your pair your lashes with a natural face and matte lip or all around eyeliner and plum lips- make sure your lashes stand out.

#6 Rose Gold Cheeks & Lids

Image Source: Imax Tree

To everyone's delight, rose gold is finding another way to make it into your beauty routine: on your eyes and cheeks.  Not to much surprise, this trend is absolutely gorgeous and can satisfy natural makeup lovers and Kylie Jenner fans alike. 

Whats your go-to summer look? Share with us in the comments!

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