50 Years of Fashion : Makeup and Style Trends of the Last 5 Decades

Fashion has always been in constant flux, what’s hip today is next week’s passé. There are, however, some great looks that really stand out from the other styles of times past.

We’ve put together a quick look at some of our favorite styles and celebs from 1967-2017

This is 50 years of fashion. Makeup and Style Trends of the Last Five Decades.


The late sixties were the heyday of youth culture and trends dominating the fashion market. As the Baby Boomer generation came of age, the swinging sixties were in full effect. With the explosion of mod fashion trends and psychedelic culture, self-expression through clothes and artistic makeup became a widely accepted practice among teens and young adults.

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In the London fashion set, revealing clothes, short skirts, and stark makeup looks with dark high creases and playful pastel tones were all the rage amongst “it girls” like Twiggy Lawson.

“Wide-eyed” looks like these were a bold contrast to the rather conservative and downplayed makeup looks of the previous decade. Cream eyeshadows and drawn on bottom lashes became an increasingly popular makeup trend for much of the decade to come.


By the Late 70’s, fashion trends had segmented into two major categories, highly centered around music. In this decade, vinyl records became an increasingly popular medium for music, due in part to low production cost and availability. Music in this era did a lot to polarize fashion trends, as young people again began to adopt the fashion and aesthetics of their favorite musicians.

50 years of fashion 2

On one hand, the glamorous and fashionable high-life aesthetics of the disco mainstream. Sharp suits, silk blouses, and flared jeans and flowing outerwear became fashion standards.  

Shimmering blue and pink eyeshadows, thin brows, glittering highlights and full volume lashes like this look found on GoSee were in the height of style. Color was in and regrettably, large permed hairstyles were cool too.

On the other hand, edgy and cool rock and roll looks were another “au courant” trend of the time.

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Centered around their London clothing boutique “SEX”, artists/designers Malcolm Mclaren and Vivienne Westwood created this rebellious image for Raw and Edgy punk rock band “The Sex Pistols”, whom they managed (poorly, by most accounts.) Safety pins, plaid, drastically colored, hairstyles, and dark cat-eye makeup a la “Siouxsie Sioux” whose playfully macabre avant-garde style was modeled after silent film era actress Theda Bara. These fashions set the stage for punk-inspired looks for years to come.


By the time 1987 rolled around, we started to see a blending of fashion elements of the previous decade. More playful, glam, girlishly cute versions of punk fashion started to creep into the mainstream and became the lifeblood of some 80s trends. With popular Artists like “The Material Girl” Madonna being a mainstay fashion leader at that time.

50 years of fashion 4

Matte foundations, dark lips, and smokey eyeshadows were a must for every trendy girl.


The late nineties saw makeup and fashion trends in the mainstream become much more toned down than in the decade prior. Curls, high ponytails, and scrunchies were some of the hottest hair trends. Toned down eyeshadow, voluminous lashes, perfect thin brows and matte lips being the favored looks of this time.

50 years of fashion 5

I think we all had at least one friend who wanted to be T.V.s Danielle Fishel AKA “Topanga Lawrence” from the hit show Boy Meets World


50 years of fashion 6

The edgy punk-inspired looks didn’t really go away though. With the grunge movement and “Alternative Rock” culture icons like So-Cal ska-punk goddess Gwen Stefani rocking playful and fierce “rude girl” styles that would evolve into her signature L.A.M.B. fashion line.



The mid to late -00’s ushered in an age of low rise jeans and furry Uggs. Baggy sweats and Reebok athletic shoes were extremely popular as well... Didn’t someone write a song about that? ;-) Some of us went crazy over tiny tailored vests, band tees and Chuck Taylors while others favored the ever regrettable, denim-skirt-over-leggings.

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This part of the decade brought  a huge rise in popularity of toned down makeup looks being the the go to among trendsetting stars like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Low key lips, subdued eye makeup and subtle highlights were the name of the game.


50 years of fashion 8

On the other hand, the edgier side of fashion was alive and kicking. The popularity of stars like Lady Gaga did much to bring about a rise in popularity of 3D false lashes, lash tinting and artistic eye makeup.


Fashion in 2017 has been hard to pin down. It’s almost as if we’ve taken the last 50 years of makeup and fashion and blended it all together. It’s no surprise that every once in awhile, great throwback trends seem to pop up in new and creative ways.

This year has seen a blending of bohemian fashion influences, 90’s throwbacks, and punk-inspired makeup to create sleek and sexy looks that have been all the rage this year. Thicker brows are back, smokey eyes, cut creases and shimmering highlights with dark lipstick colors have become extremely popular with Instagram models and Hollywood celebs alike.

50 years of fashion 9

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