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5 Tips for Applying False Eyelashes Like a PRO

Oh lashes, we love you so.  Which is exactly why it's so FRUSTRATING when the perfect pack of lashes reminds you of a bad Halloween costume once they're on.  Use these tips and tricks for applying false eyelashes like a pro and get perfect lashes every time. 

Awhile back we promised we'd do a video on how to apply lashes, and we're keeping our promise <3  Check out our sister company nvenn's video on how to apply fake lashes below :) 


1. Know the Shape of Your Eye

As you may have guessed, applying eyelashes likes a pro begins with selecting the right set of lashes for your eye shape.  Typically, we categorize eye shapes into 4 groups:

Quick Lash Tips by Eye Shape

  • Deep set. Lashes that are longer in the center will make your eyes POP!
  • Downturned. Use lashes that are longer in length at the corners to give a lifting effect to your eye. 
  • Hooded. If the crease of your eyelid isn't visible, try thinning strip lashes and buying a shorter length. 
  • Prominent. If your eyelids are at their widest in the center, balance your top lashes with falsies on your bottom lashes. 

Not seeing your eye shape?  Don't panic. It's important to recognize that there are many variations of these shapes. If you're anything like the rest of the population, your eyes are a combination of 2 types (or even 4). 

Once you've got your lashes trimmed, tailored, and ready to apply its time talk about taking them out of the box.


2. Do a 'Face Check' Before Applying the Lashes

To keep your lashes clean and organized, always participate in a little thing we like to call the 'face check'.   Hold the package of lashes up to your eyes to see if you like the shape in comparison with your eye.  If you like the shape, prepare your tweezers. 

how to apply lashes like a pro

Always remove lashes by using tweezers to grab the outer corner and peel lightly towards the inner.  Why? Because if you bend a section of lashes on the corner edge it doesn't matter.  You can easily trim any damaged lashes.

Speaking of... Make sure that you trim your lashes if they're too long!  Lashes only stay where they have hair to connect to.  Leaving the strip too long can contribute to lashes that itch or don't stay in place.


3. Do Some Preventive Lash Care

Lashes can flatten and have creases.  It happens.  Even the most prestige brands will tell you to prepare their lashes before applying.  Use your makeup brush, a pencil, or your finger and gently wrap your lashes around it.  Let them rest for about a minute.  The result?  Beautiful lashes that maintain their curvature on your eyes. 

This is also the ideal time to put on a thin layer of mascara. The mascara will help you bond the lashes after you've applied them. 

4. Apply the Glue Correctly 

Hold the lashes with a stiff hand and begin dotting a thin layer of lash glue from corner to corner.  Take a breath and count to 20. The extra air dry will help the glue get tacky and keep your lashes on longer.  

If you're trying to wear your lashes all day and all night, try the double-dipping technique.  Apply a line of glue to the lashes as well as your lash line. (Make sure you still count to 20!)

#5 Bond. Lash Bond. 

With your glue tacky and your lashes curved, look down at yourself in a mirror.  Press your strip lashes on the lash line. Apply pressure on the center, outer edge, and finish with the corner closest to your eyes. 

After you've applied the initial pressure, use a pair of tweezers (or your fingers) to squeeze the false eyelashes against your real lashes.  Use the tip of your fingers to curve the lashes upward if the process has flattened your lashes a bit. 


With a little time, patience, and practice- applying false eyelashes like a PRO becomes second nature.  

how to apply lashes like a PRO


If you're spending more time fluttering with your lash line than preparing your lashes, take a step back.  Half the battle is preparing the lashes for your eyes! The rest just takes a little practice :)


Are you struggling with your lashes?  What tips do you have for beginners? Tell us in the comments!



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