5 Stunning Summer Makeup Looks We're in Love With

Summer is the best time of the year to go over the top with stunning makeup looks that will draw attention to your eyes. Snag one of those looks for one of your summer nights :)


Cobalt Blue Eyeliner

Cobalt blue is a color we’re seeing all over the runway. Whether you want a solid line of blue boldness or you want to soften the look with neutral browns, this look is sure to turn heads.








Simple Gold and Black

This color palette looks good on every color of eyes and is one of the easiest contrasts to attain.  Perfect with just about anything you can pull out of your closet! If you’re using a matte shadow, make sure you let it dry before applying your liner!



Champagne Pink Eyes & Coral Lips

As seen on Lady Gaga, this combination screams SUMMER! The warmth works well against most skin tones, especially if you’re looking for a way to add a little warmth to your face and haven’t gotten your time in the sun.


Bold Lips in Just About Any Color

We’ve said it about a million times this year, but we’ll say it again: GO BOLD with your lips.  Especially when you’ve got relaxed eye and face makeup.  For a timeless classic, choose a matte lipstick and apply mascara lightly.

The Glitter Tears Effect

Everyone loves glitter.  Thus, there’s always room for another glitter-centric makeup look in your routine.  In fact, you may even find yourself wearing this one to the office: glitter tears.


The best part?  Glitter comes in nearly every color you can think of, so you’ve got plenty of options in terms of finding your favorite.  Pair this stunning look with a powerful pair of lashes and you’re ready to turn heads with dramatic and defined eyes.

What’s your go-to summer style?  The possibilities are endless and we want to hear what you’ve got up your sleeve.  Share your secrets in the comments :)









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