5 Spring Makeup Trends for 2019 You Need to Try

Today I am going to go over 5 spring makeup trends to try this year. All of the trends are sure to brighten up your look for spring! Let us know your favourite in the comments. :)

The Natural Look

spring look natural makeup by @hairbyruslan

Photo cred: @hairbyruslan

First, we will discuss the natural look. This natural looking trend will always be timeless. The goal for this look is to let the natural beauty have the spotlight.

For this look, I will need a bronzer, an eyebrow pencil, mascara, and nude lip colour. The bronzer is going to warm up the face and add natural shadows to my face. While the eyebrow pencil is going to define the brows and make them look a little bit fuller. Mascara is going to open up the eyes while not overwhelming the look. Finally, the nude lip colour is going to polish the look.

If we are looking to add something extra to the eyes, I recommend using a mix of neutral shadows on the eyelid. I am going to stay away from any liners to leave the eye looking as natural as possible. If I want more volume, I can add one dollar lash from online store .

This look is perfect for an everyday event. It's super subtle and adaptable to your natural features.

Bold Brows

spring makeup bold brows @monika_mua

Photo cred: @monika_mua

Bold brows are trending like crazy right now, and we couldn’t be happier. It’s time to let our hair down and grow out our brows.

The thought of filling out brows can sometimes be overwhelming, rest assured it’s more simple than you think. By taking a thin eyebrow pencil we will Mimic our natural eyebrow hair follicles.

Using the spoolie, brush out the brow up and away from your face. Then fill in the brow using light and thin strokes. Focus on keeping the start of your brow lighter and the tail darker and more defined.

After I’ve built my brows up it’s just a matter of cleaning up the bottom with a high coverage concealer. Time to take those bold brows and conquer the day.

Bold Lips

spring makeup bold lips by @susanzeymua

Photo cred: @susanzeymua

A bright and bold coloured lip is sure to brighten up any spring day.

It’s important to start will a clean base. Make sure to exfoliate the lips to get rid of dead skin. Next, hydrate using a lip balm.

After creating a smooth and hydrated base, let’s start with the colour. Using a lip pencil that is the same shade as the lip colour, start lining the lip. Focus on defining the cupid’s bow.

Finally, fill in the lip with the bold lip colour. If I’m looking to really brighten up my day, I’ll even use a different colour on my top lip then on my bottom lip. Life is too short to not wear a bold lip and a matching dollar lash

Neon Eyes

spring makeup neon eyes by @stevie.cakes

Photo cred: @stevie.cakes

Looking for something a little more ‘eye catching’? Try this Neon eyeshadow look.

A brightly coloured pallet is definitely going to be needed for this look.

Taking a bright yellow, I will start in the center of my eye and swoop the shadow up into my crease. Following I am going to take a cobalt blue and cover most of my lid, avoiding most of the yellow I just applied.

Switching to a smaller tapered brush, take the blue shadow and go just above the yellow crease we made originally. Dip back into the yellow shadow to clean up the first crease and add pigment lightly on the outside of our blue lid to add depth.

After I am finished with the application I am going to seal the shadow with a setting spray to make sure the lid doesn't crease. This trend makes me remember to be happy, be bright, and be myself.

Glowing Summer Skin

spring makeup glowing summery look by @reshmichandra

Photo cred: @reshmichandra

What better time to start showing off that glow than in the beginning of spring. This is definitely something to incorporate in an everyday makeup routine.

I’ll want to have the base of my look complete before I start the glow. By this I mean my foundation and eye makeup are set and finished with a dollar eyelash club lash applied.

Be sure to grab a great bronzer and a gleaming highlighter. First, I will take the bronzer the go over the natural shadows of my face. This includes the hollows of my cheeks, around my hairline, right under my lower lip, and the sides of my nose. I’ll even take it down to my collar bones to add more depth.

Using the highlighter, I will now go over and brighten up my look. I will apply this on the top of my cheekbones, under my brow, down the bridge of my nose, above my cupids bow, and even on the raised portion of my collarbones and shoulder.

This trend just screams strapless sundress on a sunny spring day.


There are so many trends to use this upcoming spring, that the options are endless. Make sure to check out our cruelty-free vegan lashes to pair with these amazing looks. You can find them on the Dollar Eyelash Club store. Thanks for tuning in this week and remember to live, lash, love. xoxo

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