5 Rules for Applying Eyeshadow Everyone Should Follow


Your eyes are the easiest way to draw attention to your face and make a statement about yourself.  Which is exactly why if you aren’t following these 5 Rules for how to apply eyeshadow… You should be!  Even if you consider yourself a #mua, chances are you can up your skills by following these rules.

1.Never Forget Your Primer

Despite how easy it is to skip this step, your eyes won’t be thanking you later!  Primer creates a clean slate for your shadows and helps to keep it in place.  More importantly, the primer you put on your eyes create a protective layer from natural oils.

The result?  Colors that look like the palette and last all day.   So before you dive into that makeup palette, make sure you prime your eyes with a nice even layer of eyeshadow primer.

We recommend:


2.Know Your Eye Shape and Enhance Your Natural Color

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9 times out of 10, you know the look you’re going for before you even sit in front of the mirror.  But did you know that your eye shape has an effect on how that style is going to look on you?

When it comes to eye shape, close-set eyes are not going to want to follow the shading techniques for hooded eyes.  If you’re following a vlog or guide, make sure that the demonstrator has a similar eye shape or take the time to adapt the style to yours.

(Don’t know your eye shape?  Find it in our blog on eye shapes.)

Now that you’ve got your shading technique sorted, it’s time to take a look at your color selection.  You’ll want to identify which colors call attention to your natural eye color to make your eyes pop.

As you experiment, you’ll find a wide array of shades that compliment your eyes.  

For now, follow these basic guidelines:

  • Brown Eyes: Pretty much any shade will work for you! (Lucky.)  However, golds and purples call a special attention to your eyes.
  • Blue Eyes: Bronze and peach tones help your eyes pop.  Slate grays and whites are also very flattering.
  • Green Eyes:  Plums, purples, and rusty shade of bronze and brown are the perfect pairing for your eyes.


3.Invest in Your Makeup Brushes and ACTUALLY Take Care of Them

how to apply eyeshadow

Makeup brushes. They’re a necessary tool in any girl’s arsenal.  Despite the urge to buy a few dozen and see what sticks, you need to make sure you cover the essentials first.

  1. The Basic Eyeshadow Brush:  This brush is for all-over color.  
  2. Blending Brush: For seamless blending, this brush showcases soft and fluffy blending.
  3. Angled Eyeshadow Brush: The precision brush. Ever wanted to use one of your eyeshadows as a liner or fill in your eyebrows?  This is the tool you’re looking for.

When it comes to the hygiene of your eyes, you can never be too safe. Sure, cleaning makeup brushes isn’t at the top of anyone’s list but it’s a necessary evil. Try to wash your makeup brushes in lukewarm water and an antibacterial makeup brush cleaner about once a month.  Press a clean cloth against the brushes to absorb excess water and let the brushes air dry from there.


4.Never Forget to Blend Your Shadows

(image source: prettydesigns)

Nothing says rookie like unblended shadows.  Worse yet, you’re leaving a lot of potential for a multidimensional look on the palette. Gently sweep and blend the harsh lines together to create a soft and natural look.  

The same can be said about using monochrome look.  In a few situations, one solid strong color is a great asset.  In most cases, it’s a great way to feel a little too coordinated to your sweater.  Look at the color palette for relatable colors and use them to add dimension to your look.


5.Choose Your Formulas Wisely and Know What Works


(image source: the fancy face)

Like anything in life, finding the perfect makeup takes a little trial and error before your successful.  If you have oily skin and eyelids, you may want to avoid cream eyeshadows as they will crease easily on your eyes.  On the other hand, powder shadows can be a difficult feat unless you’ve got time and a steady hand.  Press shadows are the most common.

Treat yourself to a color from all three types and see which you like best.  It will make buying shadows much easier in the future.  

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or simply need to brush up on your skills (see what we did there?), everyone can benefit from a refresher.  

Share your eyeshadow tips in the comments :) 

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