5 Quick and Easy Self-Care Beauty Routines

Sometimes making time for yourself is the last thing on your mind after a long day or week. But it is essential to find a few minutes a day for self-care. Self-care can be anything that makes you feel good, such as a walk outside, reading a book, working out, or spending something time on your skin and beauty routines. 

What is Self-Care?

You hear about self-care a lot more in the health world, it’s a concept that people are prioritizing more now as they learn and understand how important self-care is to your health overall. 

The idea behind self-care is to do things that nurture you. Life is busy, and most of the people’s time and energy is centered around obligations to work, balancing family needs, and having a social life that we neglect ourselves. 

When people have entirely used up all their energy and feel like they can give now more, we get stressed, anxious, sleepless, gain or lose weight, forget to exercise, health declines, and you become unhappy. Making time for yourself is essential not only to your health but also to the relationships around you. 

The Categories of Self-Care

Generally, there are four categories that self-care is broken down into, and these include physical self-care, emotional-self-care, psychological self-care, and spiritual self-care. It is necessary to take care of yourself in all four categories. Here are some ways to make sure you are focusing on your self-care:

  • Get outside in the morning or evening for a walk. Disconnect from your phone and spend 30 minutes in nature.
  • Physical activity. Even 15 minutes of exercise and moving your body can help in boosting your mood. 
  • Create a skincare routine. Twice a week, give your skin a treat with a hydrating face mask.
  • Treat yourself. Get your favorite drink or buy that item you had your eye on for a while. 

Making time for yourself can be as easy as doing a beauty routine in the morning with these five quick and easy steps below to help you get on the right track for your day. 

  1. Primer

Applying primer takes less than 10 seconds and acts as the barrier between your pores and makeup and helps keep your makeup in place and saves you from having to touch up your makeup during the day. 

  1. Liquid Foundation

Use a liquid foundation with full coverage that doesn’t leave your face feeling like the makeup is caked on but gives you equal coverage that lasts all day. 

  1. Pressed Powder

Set your foundation with pressed powder to keep your skin looking fresh. The pressed powder helps to keep your foundation on your face throughout the day if you are sweating or have oily skin. 

  1. Blush

Applying a little bit of blush on your cheeks can go along way in completing your look and brightening up your face for the day. You can use a chart to find the best shade of blush for your skin tone, but don’t be afraid of adding some color to your face. 

  1. Mascara

Mascara is the finishing touch to your five quick and easy self-care beauty routines. Add a little black mascara to your top lashes to help open your eyes and elongate your natural lash, and you are ready to tackle your day. 

The Takeaway

You need to carve out the time to spend on yourself and to practice self-care, whether it’s by getting out for a walk to clear your head, doing nightly face masks, or having a quick and easy morning beauty routine. All these things help in keeping you happy and at your best. Do more of the things that make you happy because you will become more healthy and more comfortable you.

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