5 Pro Tips For Applying Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is a wonderful tool for defining and even changing the look of your eyes. It is so mesmerizing to watch a makeup artist gracefully place color after color onto their lid and blend with ease and perfection. Bear in mind, however, that these MUA’s are made. Not Born. Sure some people seem to have a naturally skilled hand at makeup, but nobody becomes a talented MUA overnight. It takes practice to make perfect.

To help you level up your makeup game, we've assembled a few helpful makeup tips that every girl should know. These tips are simple and don't take much time to learn and incorporate into your beauty routine.



Apply a Primer

We all want long-lasting eyeshadow with beautiful full pigmented color. The secret is a primer. Primers come in a variety of styles but they are most commonly a cream that you can apply with your beauty blender or even your finger.

These primers cover the whole eyelid in one solid hue. This hides any discoloration, little capillaries or other blemishes that could affect your eyeshadow. It helps to create a uniform base tone. Primer helps your eyeshadow to look the best that it possibly can by giving you a clean slate to start with.

Set Your Primer

If you want your primer to look it’s best, you’re going to need to set it before you apply any color. mineral based setting powders have become extremely popular in the last couple of years.

Primer usually has a creamy consistency and doesn't blend well. Applying a setting powder absorbs moisture and dries the primer, creating a neutral blank for your colors. If you were to apply pigment directly on top of the primer with, you would not be able to create a blended diffused look.

Always Tap Off Brushes

Once you are primed and set, you can start applying your colors. One very important step that people tend to forget when applying their eyeshadow is tapping excess product off of the brush. This can help for several reasons. Much like applying shadows straight onto a primer, applying makeup with a brush that has too much product on it can create uneven coloring.

Prevent uneven application by tapping off the excess product. This trick can also help you avoid the fallout that can happen on your cheeks from the loose eyeshadow.

And always remember- you can apply more shadow but its very hard to remove eyeshadow without wiping off all your hard work.

Clean up Your Edges

While you can tap off your brushes with every color you apply, there is still a chance to fall out on your cheeks. To prevent from this, you can apply a layer of setting powder right under your eyes before starting your eye makeup. Once you have finished the makeup, you can take a large brush and just sweep it away.

Look Down

When applying your own makeup, be sure to use a compact mirror. Hold the mirror about chin level and look down into the mirror. This makes your lid as flat and long as possible to give you the most room to work. If you were to hold the mirror straight in line with your face, you are prone to squinting, thus causing issues with covering the whole eyelid. Open up the whole canvas of your eyelid by lowering the mirror, and your gaze.


And there you have it! Five easy little hacks you can integrate into your makeup routine. Don’t forget to pair your favorite one dollar lash ;) We hope these tips can help give you the confidence to try new colors and styles of eyeshadows! From a simple smokey eye to the cut crease trend you can learn how to create here (insert link to cut crease blog) each look will be flawless!

Happy blending! See you next week! xoxo

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