5 Minute Asian Brown Smokey Eye


Today we’re going to show you  a quick tutorial for five minute makeup. Even better, we’re going to show you how to turn any look into the perfect smokey eye in under a minute.

While we are big fans of contoured and highlighted full face makeup looks, some days there isn’t enough time in the morning. Sometimes you may snooze too long and find yourself in a hurry to get out the door. The look we are going to show you today is perfect for days like those. We’re also going to clue you in to some smart hacks that will help you put your makeup on even faster.

Let’s Get Started

We start fresh faced with no makeup. 

The first product we are going apply is a Jane Iredale BB cream mineral foundation. We love the Jane Iredale BB cream because it is medium coverage and SPF 25 to keep out the sun’s harmful UV rays and help prevent aging.

After washing our hands (gotta keep it sanitary) we are going to apply a small amount of our mineral foundation to the whole face. You can do this with a makeup applicator or a sponge but for time’s sake, Jessica is going to skip the tools and get her hands dirty (sort of).

One-Minute Smokey Eye

Normally we would suggest always working with clean brushes, but for this beauty hack you can use your previously used brushes to your advantage. We are using a fluffy brush that has been previously used to apply mid-tones.

For this look we are using the ‘Multitasker’ shade from our favorite Tarte Amazonian clay matte palette.

Lay the brush flat to pick up the pigment like so...

What this accomplishes is that the color gets picked up more towards the base of the brush, while keeping some of the mid tone shade that she used before in the brush. The mid tone will act as a blending color, saving you an extra step and some time.

Using a gentle sweeping motion, you want to deposit the color onto the eyelid, paying special attention to the top outer corner beneath the brow. Using this technique is an amazing time saver because it essentially blends itself. Work smart, not hard. Right?

Next, after dusting out our brush to remove any excess pigment, we want to blend the outside edge of the eyeshadow to feather out any harsh lines to create an even natural looking transition.

So far so good!


Jessica’s eyeliner is tattooed on, but she wants it to be more bold, so to create today’s look, she is going to be using a NARS Eyeliner.

Creamy eyeliners such as this one are great because they apply a lot quicker and easier than some of the other options available.


Next, you want to apply your powder. Today Jessica is using a Jane Iredale loose mineral powder. It’s always best to choose natural products whenever possible, and powder is no exception. This light powder is great because it allows pores to breath, and also has SPF 20 to even further protect your skin from sun damage.

You should to apply the powder to the inside of the face, as well as beneath the eyes, in through the t-zone, and down to and below the jawline. This is going to not only create an even, smooth looking skin tone, but set the look as well.


Next up, we are going to apply some bronzer using a large angled brush to create a bit of definition and contour. This is a great time saving hack for creating contour on the go.

Using an angled brush is great for creating subtle feathered contour and subtle definition.

You can then use more powder to blend and perfect the look.


Lashes are a girl's best friend. Never leave home without them. Today Jessica is using a pair of ‘The Hot Mess’ lashes from dollar eyelash club. This great dollar lash club offers some of the hottest styles in cruelty-free false lashes delivered right to your door for as little as one dollar per pair.

Whether you’re regularly inspired to go bold with your lashes or just looking to amplify your lash game, check out our blog on false eyelashes hacks to master the art of lovely lashes.

A little mascara to make those bottom lashes pop.

Lip Stain

We’ll finish the look with a Kat Von D. Nude Lip Stain.

Final Look

There you have it. A simple and easy makeup look that is perfect for those mornings where time is not on your side.

How do you save time in the morning when it comes to your makeup routine?  Leave us a comment with your thoughts and questions and be sure to like and subscribe @dollareyelashclub for a new video every week!

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