5 Makeup Looks that NEVER Go Out of Style

There are some makeup looks that exceed trend and jump straight to ‘classic’ and into our hearts.  So, if you’re not one for trying new trends, try out one of the classics that’s been dominating the media and mom’s makeup bag for decades.

#1 Red Lipstick

Could there be any other makeup look listed here?  Red lipstick has been an iconic part of makeup since the very beginning.  This strong, dramatic, and attention-grabbing look has captured the hearts of men and women alike.  From Hollywood to an evening in Paris, red lipstick of any hue is the perfect go-to classic for evening events (or a particularly sunny day).







#2 Dramatic Lashes 

You don’t need a face full of makeup when it comes to wearing false eyelashes.  With a dramatic set of falsies and a thin layer of mascara, you can turn heads.  That’s not to say that you shouldn’t dress it up, but it’s worth a try if you’re looking for a solution on those quick mornings.



#3 The Smokey Eye

This trend is always a topic of mastery.  Look across makeup blogs and media sites alike and you’ll find plenty of guides for the perfect smokey eye.  Whether you choose the traditional charcoal or want to experiment with colors of different hues, the smoke eye is a makeup trend that is bound to be around for ages.








#4 The Cat Eye

The cat eye has been a real eyeopener for quite some time.  This versatile trend can be dialed up by increasing the thickness of your liner or dialed down by thinning it.  











#5 The No Makeup Look

Have you ever wondered how some people have an almost surreal glow without makeup?  Hint: They’re wearing makeup.  Sometimes the best makeup statement is the one that does nothing but amplifies your natural features.  









So instead of the intense liner, focus on your foundation and lay low on the eye makeup.  If you simply can’t stand the no makeup look, try adding definition to your lips with a matte lipstick and throwing on a natural pair of false eyelashes.

Do you have any of your own ‘classics’?  Tell us in the comments!




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