5 Eyeliner Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

The road to successful eyeliner application is not smooth. Runny eyeliner, uneven lines, poking yourself (ouch!) yes, it happens to the best of us. We’ve all experienced a blunder, accidents happen, but they don’t have to happen to your precious eyes. The goal is to get the perfect eyeliner for your eyes to pop! Here are five common mistakes you could be making that is keeping you from perfecting your eyeliner.

  • Unclean brush, or dull pencil liner
  • This is a sure fast way to a dull or messy eye line. Caked-on or clumped makeup on the eyeliner blush will not get you a precise line or an even line. Be sure to clean your eyeliner brush regularly to remove old makeup. Dull pencil liner will give you a dull muted line. You also run the risk of poking yourself from the rough pencil wood. So, sharpen your pencils, please!

  • You pull or tug your eye when you draw on your eyeliner.
  • Probably the most common mistake. You would think that pulling the eye to create a flat surface would be the way to go, but it is not. When you pull the skin and release it, it bounces back and so does your eyeliner resulting in bumpy, textured lines and that dreaded check-mark shape hanging off the line.

    It is best to use your finger to anchor your eyelid and use a liner that glides smoothly. Pulling and tugging can also lead to the development of wrinkles.

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  • Using the wrong eyeliner
  • It’s important to know the varieties and uses of eyeliner.

    Pencil eyeliner: Perfect for a novice. It has the easiest application, rich color, and is the most forgiving of eyeliners. It allows for softening and blending to cover up mistakes. If you are going for a smudged-smokey look, this is the eyeliner you want.
    Gel eyeliner: Gel eye liner is also very easy to apply. With the use of an eyeliner brush, you can draw a defined eye line. This liner does set very quickly, so there is not much time for blending. Check out our Ultimate Guide to MakeUp Brushes for help with picking your eyeliner brush.

    Liquid liner: This liner makes for bold statements and is perfect for dramatic looks. It is the ideal for a “cat eye.”  It is less forgiving because it is very ink; be sure to give this liner enough time to dry.

    *Use waterproof for smudge and smear proof eyes.


  • You only line your lower lash line
  • Lining the bottom lash line with a dark liner without lining the top lash line drags down your eyes creating an imbalanced look. Plus, if you start sweating, you’re going to get the dreaded “raccoon-eye” (Yikes!). Line the top lash line for a more lifted and youthful look. Now you can add bottom liner without looking weighed down. TIP: use a lighter color than the top eyeliner color for a defined eye with a  softer and more flattering look.


  • Wearing black liner on your waterline
  • We love a good waterline, but please refrain from applying black or dark liner to your waterline. It is the quickest way to shrink your eyes. Try a softer color like, gray, bronze, taupe or pale gold for an eye-opening look.

    Learn anything new?  Have a mistake we missed?  Leave a comment to tell us what you learned. (or teach us what you already know!)

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