6 Cruelty-Free Brands Every Animal Lover Should Know


Animals are more than furry friends. They’re a gift from nature and the best friend mankind could ask for, which means we should take every opportunity to protect their rights and make beauty choices that reflect that respect.  

Even if you aren’t a pet owner, take a second to think about what animal testing says about a product: They were worried about how it would react to human skin.  Do yourself and all of our furry friends a favor by making the ethical choice and only choosing cruelty-free makeup brands :)

Lucky for you we’ve rounded up our top six fave picks. Here are 5 Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands you should know.


#1 Antonym

cruelty free makeup brands 1

This amazing brand supplies brushes, powders, concealers, eyeliners, and much more.  In addition to being a cruelty-free brand, Antonym is also committed to clean ingredients that come with a certified organic stamp.

Their products ease on, go a long way, and can boast the same performance as most chemically-aided cosmetics on the market.


#2 Bite Beauty

cruelty free makeup brands 2

Lipstick lover?  Bite Beauty is a cruelty-free girls best friend.  In addition to a library of lipstick shades that would make anybody feel like they’ve died and gone to heaven, this brand is already climbing the rankings on Sephora’s site (and was featured in Nylon magazine!)


#3 Lime Crime

cruelty free makeup brands 3

Looking for lime green lipstick?  As you may have expected, Lime Crime is the cruelty-free shop of your dreams.   With color bundles like ‘SLITHER’, this online supplier is the perfect place to snag dramatic shades.  Especially with Halloween around the corner!


#4 Ofra

cruelty free makeup brands 4

Ofra is total cruelty-free classic that has been on the shelves since most of us can remember.  Which is why it’s no surprise that their #mua grade makeup is a must-have for any animal lover (or naturals enthusiast).

Leading formulist, Ofra Gaito has been working in the beauty industry since 1979 and prides her company on staying informed and pushing their products to meet the latest trends and beauty standards.  Not to mention their matte lipsticks are absolutely gorgeous!

#5 nvenn 


This brand is cruelty-free, environmentally sustainable and absolutely AMAZING for your hair.  With no sulfates, parabens, or harsh chemicals- this product boasts extreme hair repair with a focus on blonde hair.  As the owners say "Made for Blondes, but Strong Enough for Everyone."

nvenn is built on the founding principle that high-quality natural ingredients make the best products.  When it comes to formulating products, they believe there is no responsible alternative to all natural ingredients. 

Fried got you down?  Snag their hair repair kit (or any of their products) and kiss your woes goodbye.


#6 Too Faced

cruelty free makeup brands 5

Despite Estee Lauder acquiring the brand, Too Faced has stayed committed to cruelty-free with their entire line.  Which is great news for anyone with a love for contouring and eye for warm tones.

Now that you’ve got a list of cruelty-free brands, it’s time to put the finishing touches on.  Whether your style is elegant with simple shadow or bold with matted lips, finish the look with cruelty-free falsies that are just as committed to animals as they are to your lashes  <3

Have any cruelty-free favorites?  Share your beauty secrets in the comments.





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