4 Steps to Shape Your Eyebrows at Home

Brows out of control?  No time to see your stylist?  We’ve got you covered.  Whether you do your brows by yourself or are deeply dedicated to your brow tech, there is going to be a time where your brows need work and you don’t have the time to dive in entirely (or don’t need to).

Before you start to panic, set aside 20 minutes to shape your eyebrows.  Take a second to map the shape mentally before you start plucking.

If you’re not sure which eyebrow shape you’re currently (or don’t know which is best for your face), take a second to read our blog on choosing the right eyebrow shape for your face.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Step 1: Find the Starting Point of Your Brow

Stand centered in front of a mirror.  Find a makeup brush and hold it vertically next to the inner corner of your nose.  The area where the handle touches your brow is the starting point of your brow.  Use an eyebrow pencil or lip liner to make a mark on your brow where it should begin.

Image source: Beauty Essential

If you’re without a makeup brush, a good rule of thumb is finding the area directly above your tear ducts.


Step 2: Find the Arch

Using your brush (or an unsharpened pencil) to find the arch of your brow.  Hold the brush to your nostril and position it diagonally to cross over the eye.  Where your brush hits the brow is where your arch is.  Mark it accordingly.

In this image from the Chic Spy, the arch is represented as the center pencil.


Step 3: Find the Outer Point

Use your handy dandy makeup brush to find and mark the outer point of your brow.  With the brush at an angle, put one end on the corner of your nostril across to the outer corner of the eye.  Use an eye pencil to mark where the handle hits.

Image source: goodhousekeeping

Repeat this process for the other eyebrow BEFORE you pick up the tweezers.

Once you’ve got your pencil lines on your brows, it should be easy to guess what happens next.

Step 4:  Shaping Your Eyebrows

It’s time to pick up the tweezers.  Pluck any hairs that stand outside of the starting point, arch, and outer point.   Avoid touching any hairs that do not fall outside the lines.  If your arch is giving you trouble, just remember: it’s better to under pluck and revisit than over pluck and cry.

Don’t forget to pull the hair out in the direction it’s growing to avoid irritation! By the time you’ve taken care of the trouble hairs, you should have shaped brows that can help you make it through the workweek until you’re ready for a full shaping.  

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