4 Easy Wedding Guest Makeup Looks

It’s wedding season and it has us so happy for love! We get so excited to attend weddings and witness two people in love devote themselves to each other. Oh also, the awesome parties that follow the vows!

Weddings are a great opportunity to dress up and try out some lovely hairstyles. We picked our top 3 styles to wear as a guest to a wedding. Each style is simple enough to pull off for beginners and advanced artists alike, as well as being ‘wedding proof’. At weddings you can be exposed to weather, hours of dancing, eating and more! But we are sure that these styles will look just as good during the last dance as they did during the ceremony!

Simple Twisted Half-up

simple halfup

Looking for a simple, breezy hairstyle? This is it! Best for more casual weddings but can also be dressed up with more defined curls for a more polished look.

To start this style, Loosely curl all of your hair.

Create a part in the front.

Take the very front of each part and split into 2 sections. One on the top section and one lower.

Twist the bottom section to go above the top section.

When this new top section is in place, add in some hair from the top of the head (not the lower half of your hair- leave that out for the half-up look).

Repeat bringing the lower section above and tucked- then add hair to it.

Continue this pattern until you reach the back of your head and pin in place with bobby pins. To prevent a large bulk at the back of the head, try to spread the hair out just a little before pinning.

Repeat on the second side.

Once the second section reached the back of the head, take the lower section and place it over the pins from the first side, then tuck it behind the rest of the hairs and pin in place. This covers the bobby pins and gives more of a clean look.

Side Swept Ponytail

side swept ponytail

You can’t go wrong with a ponytail! This gentle side-swept look can be used for almost any level of dress with its elegant yet youthful feel.

For this style,

Begin by curling all of your hair.

Gently gather your hair to the preferred side of your head, low and below the ear.

Take the time to correctly place your curls around your face to frame it

Wrap the hairs into a ponytail ensuring the hair are not pulled tight

To cover the ponytail holder, after your hair is all in the holder, pull out a small section of hair and wrap around the ponytail holder and secure in place with a pin underneath the ponytail.

Touch Up your curls and framing pieces of hair. * nvenn’s 'fix' flexible working spray is great for defining those curls and holding them in place while you dance all night!

Elegant Chignon


Weddings can get a bit hot especially in August! This look gets the hairs up and away from your face so no worries about falling curls or frizzy hair from the humidity.

This look is simple to achieve-

Gather your hair into a ponytail, tight to your head

Take the ponytail and push your fingers through creating a hole right above where your ponytail holder is

Flip the bottom up and down through this hole you created. This creates a twist. You can twist this twice to add more volume!

Finally, tuck the final ponytail up and into the twists, pinning in place.

Be sure to mess around with how the hair is pinned to create the style you desire

Bouncy Curls

bouncy curls

Of course, if you don't want to spend the time messing with a new hairstyle, just throw some bouncy curls and call it a day!

For big bouncy curls like these, you'll need to prep with nvenn's ‘volume' heat-activated volumizer.

This will look great on any length of hair, not just the short style shown above. And throwing a few curls in your hair adds a soft and dreamy charm that weddings definitely call for!

Get your wedding on!

We hope you try out one of (or all of!) these looks this wedding season. Be sure to put photos on facebook or instagram and tag @nvennhairbeauty.

Check us out every Friday for a new blog and be sure to look up our sister client @dollareyelashclub for the perfect pair of lashes to finalize your wedding look.


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