4 Easy False Eyelashes Hacks Everyone Should Know

Whether you’re regularly inspired to go bold with your lashes or just looking to amplify your lash game, use these easy false eyelashes hacks to master the art of lovely lashes.



1. Be Modest with the Amount of Glue You Use

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Excess glue is the number #1 culprit of frustration when it comes to applying strip lashes.  It’s human nature to think “If I use more glue, they’re going to stick’, but it’s really quite the opposite.  

If you’ve ever heard the saying less is more, applying your false eyelashes is one of those cases.  Use the applicator to coat the vein of the strip lashes with a thin layer of glue and apply your lashes.  In the event that you still can’t get your lashes to stick, try applying a thin layer of glue to your lash line to aid the process.

2. Look Down on a Mirror for Easy Placement

eyelashes mirror view

Feel like you can’t see what you’re doing when you’re applying your lashes?  Try getting a new perspective.  Grab a mirror and sit down at your kitchen table.  Place it directly in front of you and look down.  You’ll notice you can get a full view of your lash line (and the strip lashes).

Plus, it’s much easier to keep a steady hand when you’re sitting down :)

3. Remove Your False Eyelashes with a Gentle Hand

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Want to extend the life of your lashes and keep your eyes healthy?  Be gentle.  No matter how tired, rushed, or cramped you are- never rip your eyelashes off.   Not exactly sure how to keep your eyes and your lashes safe?  We recommend the following methods:

How to Safely Remove False Eyelashes

If you’re wondering what a safe way to remove false eyelashes is, we’ve got you covered.  Depending on your preferences and skin sensitivity, there are a variety of methods you can use to safely remove your falsies.

Get glue remover.  Though many false eyelash kits contain glue, they rarely contain glue remover.  You can find glue remover in the beauty department of your favorite beauty store or online.  Pay attention the formula.  Certain glue removers can irritate those with sensitive skin.

First, remove your eye makeup with coconut oil or makeup remover.  Don’t try to remove your mascara, simply your eyeliner and eyeshadow.  Second, apply the glue remover to a cotton swab and gently rub the lash line.  Make sure you don’t touch the lashes.  Pay special attention to the base of your false eyelashes, rubbing gently for at least 30 seconds.  Last, use your fingers to begin pulling the false lashes at the inner corner of your eye. Gently tug and pull outwards.  If the lashes resist, apply more glue remover and start the 2nd stage of this process again.

This method of removal is best for one-and-done lashes.  It’s possible to remove your lashes with glue remover and save them for later, it means you’ve got another step to add to your lash routine: cleaning them.

Use makeup remover.   If you’re looking to preserve the life of your lashes and wear them again later, oil-free makeup remover will become your best friend.  

Much like glue remover, the process begins with removing your eye makeup.  Once you’ve removed the liner and shadow, you can begin rubbing the line of your lashes with the oil-free makeup remover.  Pull gently and remember to clean your lash line afterward.

4. Stay Patient and Count to 40

sand timer

Patience is a virtue! When it comes to your lashes, consider is the golden rule to live by.  After you apply the initial layer of glue to your lashes (and your lash line if necessary), take a moment and count to 40 in your head.  As you count, the glue will become tackier as it spends more time drying on the lash line.  This extra tackiness will allow your false eyelashes to bond to your lash line flawlessly.

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Despite how frustrating false eyelashes can be, knowing these #lashhacks will cut the time you spend on applying your lashes in half.  Stay tuned to this blog!  We’ll add more lash hacks in the future :)

Do you have any lash tips for flawless application?  Leave us a comment and share your personal lash hacks.

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Brenda Valerio

I use all of your suggestions and I wear my lashes for a week straight! Night and day. I use to get extensions and they ruined my lashes. These strip lashes, with a week long wear, do not effect my natural lashes negatively. They are awesome!!! even when I take them off after a week or multiple days they are in great shape… I could wear them again but I don’t because have more all the time with the recurrent shipping and cost is affordable :)

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