4 5-Minute Makeup Looks You'll Love

We are all very busy people - I’m surprised I have the time and energy to complete a full face of make-up every morning! But what about those mornings where you woke up a little late - or maybe you are running from one event to another and simply don't have the time to take on a full glam look?

Well I have thrown together a list of few looks that I have tried out in a rush. All completed in 5 minutes or less, these looks were still able to give me the little bit of color or cleaning up I needed. 

So without taking up more precious time, here are 4 5-minute makeup looks- 

Fresh airbrushed face

With all the work you put into your skin care routine you should show off your radiant, healthy skin. However, sometimes your skin doesn’t want to cooperate… for those days where we wake up a little red, puffy or just not our best I use this quick routine to even out my skin. 

I believe it is essential to add moisturizer to your skin before every application to moisturize the skin and also protect it. After my moisturizer I apply  primer. Then my medium coverage liquid foundation and just a little concealer under my eyes. If you have oily skin, I recommend adding pressed powder to set all of the moisture you just out on your face.

If you were able to complete all of that and still have time, quickly fill in brows, and add a coat of mascara to your lashes.

All eyes on you

If your skin is looking great already but you want to add a little extra ‘something’ I recommend focusing on your eyes.

For this look, I keep a clean face and only apply moisturizer with SPF. Then I move my focus to the eyes. I start with subtle eyeliner, usually a brown to keep it soft and warm. Then, I apply my Hopeless Romantic  lashes. To even out the intensity of your eyes with the rest of my face, I also fill in my brows and sharpen the arch of them. 

Poised and Polished - with little effort

Sometimes you want a clean and elegant but have absolutely NO TIME. So, quickly prep your face with moisturizer to start. Next, you can take a very subtle nude eye shadow and apply it to your lid. On occasion I also bring the color down onto my lower lash line as well.

Once I have that base set, I love onto the step that take the most time - the winged eyeliner.

 After perfecting my wings I brush on a lip stain for long lasting, no maintenance color and head out!

Full face, one product!

Using one product for multiple purposes can help speed up your make up application. I especially love this coral monochromatic look.

Even if you're not going for a full face look, just brushing on a sheer layer of coral-hued powder to add a touch of warmth to your eyes and cancel out any blueish tones that are making you look tired. Then adding just a dab to your cheek to add color. Finally you can use the same color for your lips to pull it all together!

Try them out!

I hope the next time you have to rush to get somewhere and need a little freshening up that you can put one of these simple looks to use. They are perfect for late wakeups, date night after work, or even just simplifying your daily makeup routine.

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Live. Lash. Love.

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