3 Spring Makeup Trends You Need to Try

When it comes to makeup, it’s all about self-expression.  This year fits the bill accordingly, encouraging dramatic looks and solid colors to draw attention to lips, eyes, and cheeks.  Check out our top 3 favorite makeup trends for spring 2017 and tell us which you’re rockin’ already in the comments.

Water Color Eyeshadow

image source: InStyle

Water color eyeshadow truly is a work of art.  Centered around soft colors and pastel gradients, this mesmerizing look requires a little shadow knowledge and creativity.  Start with two pastel shades like light purple or blue for the top of your eyes(after you’ve cleaned and moisturized your face of course).

Use purple on the inner half of your lids and the blue out the outer half, then use a blending brush to smooth the crease and lightly blend the colors.  You may even want to use a lighter neutral tone over the top of your lids to blend the two colors together seamlessly.

On the lower lid, use a third color that accents like a light green or subtle gold tone.  As you get the hang of the blending technique, you may even use an entirely new color palette of your own.

Two-Toned Lips

This is a trend we can’t get enough of.  Who doesn’t want an excuse to wear two different shades of lipstick?  (Plus another excuse to buy more shades of lipstick.)  

But seriously!  These two-toned lipsticks add a new layer of dimension to your makeup. Pair with a simple shadow or a pair of false eyelashes for a bold and simple statement that will turn heads. 

image source: cosmo

Try to use a little color theory when picking your shades.  Relate your colors and make sure they complement one another.  For precise lines, consider using a lip liner brush to paint the color onto your lips using a lip stain. This little makeup trick can be especially helpful for bold colors that can get messy. 

Seafoam Green Eyeshadows & Liners

Mermaid hair, mermaid eyes, mermaid everything!  This seafoam green shadow stays in line with the mystical trend that never seems to stop satisfying.  If the bold seafoam is too much for you, try using lighter shades. 

On the other hand, if you're having issues getting your shadow to stand out- put a layer of white shadow down first.  This will help the color POP!

The best part?  This trend pairs especially well with dramatic liner and lashes, so feel free to brighten up that little black dress with this beautiful hue.

Are you trying any of 2017's makeup trends? Share your thoughts as well as your own personal beauty tips in the comments :)  

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