2018 Spring Makeup Trends You Need to Try

“It's all about taking it that bit further, seeing how far we can push it, and then doing it,” says L'Oréal Paris Global Make-Up Director and the mother of fashion week beauty trends, Val Garland, commenting on Spring 2018's take on make-up.

Pushing the envelope is the name of the game for makeup in spring 2018 and these fantastic looks do just that.

Veronica is going to show us how to do a few of the hottest spring looks every week until the end of May, so check back for updates every friday.

WEEK 1: Retro Classic

Stamped Eyeliner


The cat-eye flick is getting a new look in 2018. Instead of tracing an ultra-sharp wing, this style calls for you to round-off the edge instead.


Veronica is using the darkest shade from her Tartelette Palette to begin creating this \ look.


She starts by using the flat side of small makeup applicator sponge as a stamp to create the rounded shape.


Next, she uses her favorite Kat Von D. Liquid Tattoo Liner to create an outline and fill in the shape to create a bold “stamped” look.


Pro Tip: If your eyelids are asymmetrical, you can adjust your liner differently on each eye to fill in and shape it so that it creates a more even look and gives both eyes a bit of symmetry. This should always be a very visual process, so that your makeup doesn’t look uneven, or lopsided.


Thick Lashes


Backstage at the Christian Dior spring 2018 show, retro clumpy lashes are making a comeback in 2018. These aren't quite as dramatic as Twiggy lashes, but they do require a few layers of mascara and some well-placed lashes.


Veronica is going to be using a pair of Dollar Eyelash Club lashes in the style ‘Dirty Flirt’ to create this full voluminous look. This dollar lash club has you covered when it comes to fabulous dollar lashes. Next she’ll apply several layers of mascara over top to create a sort of “messy-chic” look.


Use a stippling motion on the lashes with the mascara where you are pressing the mascara wand on to the lashes, rather than using a smooth brush stroke. This allows the mascara to clump on the lashes.


Repeat to add more mascara....


With the eyes all done, next up is the lips.

Red Lips Re-imagined  


Bold lips are back in a big way, and some of the looks from Paris’ fashion week incorporated  vibrant high-pigment reds with lots of gloss - like wet red vinyl.


Veronica begins by using an Aveda lip liner to trace the outline. This will help keep the look nice and clean.


Next, she uses a Kat Von D. Lip Stain in the shade ‘Outlaw’ for the fill color.


Pro Tip: For the best definition and contrast, use a liner that is slightly darker than the color you are using to fill the lips. When you apply the filler, apply it over top of the previous liner to really make your lips pop.


Finish the look with a layer of clear lacquer over top of your color for some glossy shine. We want the lips to look almost wet.


This look is very similar to the classic Marilyn Monroe makeup that we did in our previous blog. The difference is that this look has a bit more “high fashion” retro-modern edge to it than Marilyn’s classic glamorous look.

Week 2: 90’s Grunge-Chic

Dark Eyes


Heavy black eyeliner falls in and out of fashion every couple of years, and with the current 90’s throwback crazes in fashion, it’s no surprise to see it making a comeback this year. Create a grunge inspired look with your favorite black eyeliner. Thick liner on the top and bottom lid is a bold fashion move that will definitely turn some heads. Pair this look with a set of fabulous dollar lashes to really get their attention.


Veronica begins by applying the bottom liner. She is using a Too Faced pencil liner. For this look we aren’t looking for perfect clean lines, instead we want this look to be soft and a bit smudged smoky.


Next is a bit of mascara on the lower lashes.


Next, Veronica creates the top winged liner with her trusty Kat Von D. Tattoo Liner.


A bit more liner just above the previous line. The goal is thick, heavy liner. You want more dark on the top of the eye than on the bottom, so keep this in mind: You can always add more liner, but it’s a bit harder to remove it and start over. You want to gradually build up the liner until you have your desired look.


Next, she is going to apply a bit of shadow with a small brush to really set this look off.


Making sure not to overload your brush, you should gently feather overtop of the liner, and create a smoky look around the edges to create a subtle transition rather than a hard line.


You also want to apply a bit of shadow to the bottom liner as well.


To add a finishing touch, you should blend with a clean makeup sponge, to create the perfect smokey liner look. Next up, the lashes


Veronica is using a pair of her favorite Dollar Eyelash Club lashes, the ‘Dirty Flirt’. Check out this dollar lash club and grab yourself a pair of quality dollar lashes.


Voila. This stunning look took about 5 minutes to complete, and is easy to pull off.


Week 3: Ultra Glam Metallic Eye Shadow

We’re back for the third installment of our 2018 spring makeup trends! This week Veronica is going to show us how to do some great gold metallic highlights. This look is going to be HOT this spring, so smart girls (and makeup enthusiast boys) take note!

week 3 1

In the age of unicorn-inspired holographic makeup looks, the more shimmer - the better. We’ve seen metallic colors become very popular recently, in everything from hair, to makeup, and even the hottest fashions - metallic shades are everywhere, and we LOVE it.

week 3 2

Ultra metallic highlight shades are must for spring fashion this year. Even “bad girl” Rihanna is getting into the trend with the “Killawatt” gold tinted highlighter from her amazing Fenty Beauty line.

week 3 3

Veronica has her base makeup applied. and now she is going to show you how to do a stunning metallic eyeshadow look. Today she is going to create a gold / bronze eyeshadow with a bright yellow gold base tone and blended bronze contour that’s really going to pop.

PRO TIP: When you’re doing a bright metallic eyeshadow, it’s sometimes works better to choose a neutral tone for your lips, so your look isn’t too over the top. BUT depending on the occasion, sometimes it’s good to be a little bit “extra”. Sorry, not sorry.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Be unapologetically you!

week 3 4

The color she is going to be using to create this look is a high pigment gold eyeshadow that she picked up at a hair and beauty expo. It’s her go-to favorite for photoshoots and costume makeup, and surprisingly, it’s a no name product. Brand isn’t always everything. But if it’s good, it’s good. This particular color has a really nice shine to it that is going to set this look off nicely.

week 3 5

For this look, Veronica wants the color to show through very well, so she begins by applying the gold pigment to her eyelid by stippling the color to create the base tone.

week 3 6

You want to build up a layer of color by stippling the color onto the lid. This places the color on the lid rather than blending it out.

week 3 7

with the base coat applied, you can see how nicely pigmented this color is. 

week 3 8

For the next step, Veronica is going to apply a light brown shade as a base for the bronze from her favorite Tartlette Palette

PRO TIP: You should use a clean brush for each different shade of pigment.

week 3 9

She applies the darker color just above the gold pigment to create the illusion of a crease. This will add a nice contour to this look.

week 3 10

Next, she is going to apply a nice bronze pigment over top of the brown base coat. The brown underneath will give it added depth and definition that is really going to make the bronze pigment pop!

week 3 11

To achieve the desired look, veronica applies the bronze over top of the brown base coat by stippling with her brush.

PRO TIP: You should place the color on the eyelid using a dabbing motion, as opposed to painting the color on with a sweeping motion. This allows for a maximum amount of pigment to stay on the eyelid.

To blend, she want to just lightly feather where the colors meet the skin to create a diffused transition, rather than a harsh line.

week 3 12

With the color finished, the final step for our metallic eye shadow look is to blend out the edges of our bronze color.

week 3 13

Using the same brush that she used for the gold pigment, and making sure that it isn’t saturated with color, Veronica blends the outer edge by gently feathering the color to place a small amount of gold pigment that is going to act as a highlight.

week 3 14

Next is a bit of highlight just inside the brow and on the tops of her cheekbones to make this look pop just a little bit more.

week 3 15

For this step she is using the lightest shade from her Sephora Tri-Palette.

week 3 16

Applying the highlight below the brow.

week 3 16

And around the eye onto the cheekbone.

week 3 17

A bit of gold on the bottom lid, just at the lash line.

week 3 18

Now she is ready for liner, mascara, and some fabulous one dollar lashes from Dollar Eyelash Club.

week 3 19

Applying the eye liner.

week 3 20

A touch of mascara on the bottom lashes.

week 2 21

Next, Veronica applies her favorite Kat Von D. Liquid tattoo liner to the top.

week 3 22

A touch of mascara on the top lashes. This isn’t always necessary, but it looks really nice.

week 3 23

For the final step, veronica is going to her favorite dollar lashes, the Dirty Flirt Lashes from Dollar Eyelash Club. This dollar lash club is a lash subscription service that delivers fantastic styles of lashes right to your P.O. box, office, or home address for as low as just ONE DOLLAR per pair.

week 3 24

The finished look: STUNNING! Just look at that heavenly highlight!

Week 4: Neon Lips

We’re here with Veronica for this weeks video. We are back with week four of our spring makeup trends for 2018. This week’s look is NEON LIPS! Just as there is a lash for every occasion, there’s also a lip look for every occasion, and Veronica is going to show us a great playful look that’s perfect for music festivals or similar events.


At coachella, there was no shortage of bright neon lip color. This playful look is a great contrast to some of the more tame looks we’ve seen recently. This 80’s throwback look is hot right now! and what’s even better? This quick and easy look is almost effortless to pull off.

jessica has applied a neutral makeup base and eyeliner so she is ready for lip color. The reason she chose a neutral base tone is because for this look we want the focal point of this look to be the bright lip color.

For this look, Veronica has chosen an ultra pigmented lip purple lip stain for the fill color. The lip color is from the amazing  L’oreal Infallible Paints product line, in the “lilac lust” shade


For her liner, she has chosen a shade of liner that is a couple shades darker than her fill color This will create some very nice definition and really set this look off.

PRO TIP: she didn’t have a purple lip liner on hand, but a purple eyeliner is a great substitute in a pinch! The amazing thing about makeup is that depending on what kind of look you are trying to achieve, all makeup is pretty much universal. you can use eyeliner on your lips, eyeshadow for cheek contour etc.

Creating the Look 

She begins by first applying the liner.

Next, she applies the fill color. it is important to apply the color evenly, making sure to apply some just overtop of the liner, this will create a very subtle definition, but without any harsh line. we want this look to be seamless, yet still very defined.

The finished look! We love it. This look might not be the best for everyday wear, but it’s definitely great rave or festival makeup! It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s flash! IT’S NEON! What’s not to love?

Maybe your shade is a an electric tangerine, or a highlighter yellow! try out as many shades as you can and tag us @dollareyelashclub in your #springmakeupselfies and show us what kind of looks you’re rockin this spring! 


Week 5 : Vibrant and Playful Color - Eye Shadow on Inner Corners of the Eye

We are back for week 5 of our spring makeup trends for 2018 and this week is all about bright inner corners and vibrant playful color.

Well placed pigment in the inner corner of your eyes brightens the look of the makeup and adds a playful pop of color. We’ve noticed quite a few MUAs on instagram doing this trend in beautiful pink, orange, and blue tones.

For this look, Veronica is going to be using a high pigmented bright blue for the inner corners and blend it out into a beautiful bright purple on the outside edges.

Creating the Look

Veronica begins by applying the color to the inner corner of her eyelid with a stippling motion to place the color on the lid and maintain the high pigment. This keeps the color really vibrant. Avoid using a sweeping back and forth motion as it will blend the color out. A stippling motion allows you layer color on to the eye to maintain the rich color.

Veronica applies the color to the other eye using the same stippling motion. It may look a bit wild right now, but we will be blending this color out a bit.

With step 1 complete, Veronica is ready to apply the purple pigment to the outer sides and blend it to create a diffused color transition.

With a clean brush, Veronica is going to apply the purple pigment to the outer edge of her top eyelids (and on the bottom lid as well). For the bottom lid, she is going to bring the color about 2/3 of the way out to the outer corner.

Veronica applies the purple pigment to the outside corner of her eye using the same stippling method as before. She then gently blends it over onto the blue using a very light sweeping motion to create the diffused color transition.

She then applies the purple to the bottom lid and blends it using the same method. Again it is important to note that you don’t want to extend the bottom lid color all the way to the outer corner.

Blending the Look

Now that the pigment is applied, the next step is to blend the look a bit so that these colors fade seamlessly into the skin.

For this step, you should use a clean soft bristle brush.

Gently sweep the edges of the color to blend it out to create a blended transition from skin tone to color.

You can also use the brush that you used to apply the shadow on with, as long as all the excess shadow is off of the brush. Veronica uses the same for the purple pigment, without adding any more pigment to the brush, to blend the purple pigment outward into the skin.

After blending, the pigment needs some touching up on the inner edges of the eyelid to bring back some of that vibrance.

With the eye shadow now complete, next up is liner, a bit of mascara, and a pair of fabulous one dollar lashes from this dollar lash club. Dollar Eyelash Club is an amazing lash subscription service that allows you to have cruelty free lashes delivered right to your door.

Today, Veronica is using a pair of Dirty Flirt 3D Faux Mink Lashes.

For the bottom lid, Veronica is using a Too Faced Pencil Liner. For this look, she isn’t going to bring the bottom liner all the way to the inner corner, she is only going to extend the liner about 3/4 of the way in. By stopping just short of the inner corner with the liner, you’ll create a nice opening effect of the eye rather than closing the eye off.

Next, Veronica applies a Makeup Forever Mascara to the bottom lashes.

For her top liner, Veronica applies her trusty Kat Von D. Liquid Tattoo Liner. This eyeliner is seriously amazing because of it’s easy application and ability for precise and fine detail, which is a must for keeping your winged liner on-point!

Next a bit of mascara on her top lashes to help with a bit of extra volume.

Next she applies the lashes. If you don’t know how to properly apply falsies, check out our false eyelash tutorial guide.

The Final Look

There you have it. Veronica is all done creating this great look and she couldn’t be happier with it. This is a great throwback look from the late 80’s and early 90’s that is back with a vengeance. It’s perfect makeup for a night out at the clubs and music festivals. Try this look for yourself and be sure to tag us in your selfie on instagram and let us know what kind of looks you want to see in the future!


Week 6: Gunmetal Eyeshadow

A Smokey eye is just a smoky eye until you add some shine. This retro-futuristic metallic look is definitely punk-inspired and has some serious edge but that’s okay, because “alt-chic” aesthetic looks are very popular right now. Don’t be surprised to see gunmetal colors popping up everywhere, from lip and eye makeup, to hair and nails. 

For this sixth and final installment of our spring makeup series, Veronica is going to show us how to pull off this great look.

For the base tone, we’ll start with a neutral blue shade with a slight metallic sheen from her trusty color palette.

We’re also going to be using a bit of metallic silver pigment to blend this look out to the desired shade.


Applying the Eyeshadow

We begin by applying the blue pigment using a stippling motion to place the color on the eyelid. You want to make sure to use this stippling or blotting motion to place the pigment, rather than using a back and forth sweeping motion. This is to make sure that the pigment goes on strong and the color is even and uniform. We will be using a sweeping motion to blend, but for this step, stipple, stipple, and stipple some more.

With the base color complete (we are loving this navy blue!), but it’s looking a bit too bright for the look we are going for.

We’re going to use a bit of this slate grey pigment to darken the look just a bit.

Using a clean brush, apply the second color over top of the first using the same stippling method described before. The trick to this step is to layer the colors onto each other to create our gunmetal look.

With the bulk of the base shadow complete, it’s time to blend. After that, we are going to add some silvery highlights.

using a clean blending brush, you want to soften out the edges of the eyeshadow to create a subtle transition between the pigment and your natural skin tone.

The goal here is to create a really soft and diffused transition without any harsh lines.

Now that we’ve blended our base tone, we’re going to go in over top with the darker slate pigment to smooth the color and fill in any gaps and light patches of pigment.

For the next step, with a color that is about 1 or 2 shades darker than your natural skin tone. You should create a highlight just above the previously applied eyeshadow below the brow. this will provide a nice contrast that is really going to make this look POP!

The final touch for our eyeshadow color is to apply a bit of this lovely silver pigment over top of our previously applied shadow to create that metallic shimmer that we are going for.

Mascara, Liner & Lashes

For the bottom lids, Veronica is using the Too Faced Liner.

Some Make Up For Ever mascara in the shade “Smokey Extravagant” for the lashes.

L’oreal liquid liner on top lid to create a very clean bold line.

This bold look calls for some equally bold lashes. Veronica is going to be using a pair of ‘The Man Eater’ 3D Faux mink lashes from our favorite one dollar lash club. Dollar Eyelash Club is a great eyelash subscription service that delivers cruelty free lashes right to your door for as little as one dollar per pair.

Veronica has already pre trimmed the lashes for a perfect fit, so all that’s left is to do is apply them.

The Final Look

There you have it! this bold look is edgy, but still adaptable enough for everyday wear. Would you rock this look? Try it for yourself and be sure to tag us in your best makeup selfies on instagram!

If you have any questions or comments, drop them in the comments below. Don’t forget to like and subscribe @dollareyelashclub and stay tuned for a new video every week!

We hope you enjoyed our spring makeup series of 2018!




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