10 Halloween Costumes You Can Pull Off With Just Makeup

It’s that spooky time of year again! Fall is in full swing and Halloween is only days away. 

If you procrastinated getting a costume or simply don’t have the cash to spend this year, you can still pull off a killer look with just makeup.


scarecrow make up

Simple yet fun, this look is one anyone can pull off with only a few products.With a few swipes of Liquid Eyeliner and yellow or orange eyeshadow you can create a festive 

Spider Queen

spider queen

If you want to stay extremely simple, you can just add some spider accents to a basic makeup look. Your makeup look turns from simple to spooky without much work.

Sugar skull

sugar skull

If you have been with Dollar Eyelash Club for a while you may remember our ‘Day of the Dead’ Sugar Skull inspired look from last year. The style that I did includes face gems and a huge flower crown but you could also pull it off without these extra items. We have seen so many different versions of sugar skull halloween looks over the years from glitter covered to neon colored so you can get very creative with this look.

Pop Art

pop art makeup

This look is still very underrated in our opinion. Pop Art or comic book style makeup uses lines to create the 2d style look you would see in comic books around the 1960s. Pair this look with the simplest of outfits and you have a memorable and unique costume for this year!

Wicked Witch

witch makeup

Weall love a Wizard of Oz moment - but too many people focus on Dorthy. However, we prefer the sinister Wicked Witch of the West. Her unique green skin poses a fun challenge for contouring as well. Since the wicked witch only wore a black cloak in the movie, any black ensemble will pull together this iconic look.


mermaid makeup

Who wouldn’t love to live ‘unda da sea’? You can throw together a fresh out of the water mermaid inspired look by using ocean hues such as green, blue, yellow, purple and even pink. Create a bold eye look with your color selections and then to create the scales, you can place fishnet tights over you face and then gently dust the same colors over the tights. When you remove them, you have scales!


cat makeup

Melly Sanchez -  Youtube

Every year you can count on a cat look to be a quick and easy choice. You can make this look unique to you with different colors, more realistic definition or just stick with the basic nose and whiskers. Grab yourself a pair of ears and you are ready to go.


If you are n X-Men fan this is definitely the choice for you. Apply your base layer of blue and then add on your own unique markings with a deeper toned blue. Adding in the yellow contacts and red wig will obviously pull the look together. However, without these characteristics your inspiration will still be very clear.

Broken Doll

broken doll

Probably the creepiest look on our list this year is this broken doll. This is a unique look that doesn’t require anything more than what you already have in your makeup bag. With a pale matte skin and bright rosy cheeks finish your base off by adding white eyeliner under your eyes to make them appear larger - like a doll. Then, using eyeliner you sketch out cracks all over your face as if the porcelain has cracked on the doll.

There you guys go - 9 Makeup ONLY Halloween Costumes. Don’t forget to tag us in your instagram photos @dollareyelashclub if you try any of these out!

Have a safe and spooky Halloween!


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